We so enjoyed the few months we stayed on the Bolivar Peninsula. We felt so welcome in your community and made many new friends. We plan to return next winter but stay longer. We already miss your lovely community.

Mark and Angie VanTassel


This is one for the Chamber of Commerce.  My son-in-law Paul Chambless took this picture last summer at the Biscayne I beach, and this is the first time I’ve seen it. Our whole family goes to Bolivar every summer.  Biscayne I is our favorite.

BiscayneRoger Baier

We are somewhat new to Crystal Beach and I think it is a wonderful idea to make the maps available to the public. I visited your website and was very impressed. We have had property at the beach and visited on weekends since 2011 and have been impressed with the increase of tourists and housing. I think your office has done too good of a job sometimes when we have to wait in line at local restaurants. Actually, your office has done a wonderful job and I know everyone is pleased with the way Bolivar has come back.

Connie Thigpen

Now that Tropical Storm “Bill” has passed and the sun is out, we’ve cleaned and polished the Bolivar Peninsula again for all to enjoy. We’d LOVE to invite you back!  Our retailers, restaurants and service providers, as well as builders and specialty shops are excited to open our doors to those who LOVE our bay and beaches!  Don’t hesitate to call our Chamber of Commerce office for details.  We are standing by to answer your questions about roads, weather, and businesses available within our community. 

TCF 30th Annual TCF Wayne